Name: Sahar Abdulla Rasheed Hassan

Date of Birth: February 4, 2002

Nationality: Sudanese

Local Availability in UAE: Yes

Standard Per Day Rates for Modeling Assignments: It depends, but mostly 500 AED per hour

Willing to Travel for Assignments: Yes

Role: Entertainer (Pianist)

Instagram Portfolio: @sa7aarr_abd

Previous Experience: Pianist

Sahar Abdulla Rasheed Hassan is a gifted Sudanese entertainer with a strong presence in the UAE. Born on February 4, 2002, Sahar has honed her skills as a pianist, captivating audiences with her musical talent. She is versatile and open to various performance opportunities, charging a standard rate of 500 AED per hour for modeling assignments.

Sahar’s dedication to her craft is evident in her performances, where she combines technical skill with emotional expression. She is available locally in the UAE and is also willing to travel for assignments, demonstrating her commitment and flexibility.

For a glimpse of her work, Sahar’s Instagram profile showcases her performances and provides a deeper insight into her artistic journey. Whether performing on stage or in more intimate settings, Sahar continues to impress with her passion and proficiency as a pianist.

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