Adorable Maternity and Baby Shower Photography in UAE


Maternity and Baby Shower Photography is a way of capturing your physique on a regular schedule throughout pregnancy would depict your body’s evolution by the week. This would portray your excitement as you witness the birth with your little gift of love.

When it comes to maternity photography, there are a plethora of alternatives. A casual snapshot from yourself might matter a great deal to you. Photographs were taken with artifacts and a spectacular background – such as a drape, a mother or father, and even your animal – can express your persona or even the style of the pretty shortly parents.

Destination Photography

Wow Shoots provides best in a class photoshoots for Baby Shower in Dubai and we have had a diverse clientele. Hence, you can get numerous ideas from us in terms of choosing your location, selecting your theme, how to get what you want, and then eventually creating your meaningful story through professional photography.

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    We also cover destination maternity photography in Dubai. It could be anything from your lounge to Jumeriah – any place can be used for creating a meaningful and joyous moment in a location according to your comfort. We always urge our clients to look for their favorite spots which bring them joy, happiness, inspiration, and nourishment. Photoshoot for Baby Shower can be held at any place of your choice!

    Star of the Shoot

    We always keep the focus on the bump irrespective of your pose, your locations, the props of the scene or any family member or a pet that you may want to add in the photograph. Although, this is obvious but sometimes it can go unnoticed in the first glance if you are looking at the mom-to-be. We aim at taking a photo where the bump is the center of the attention and the picture is taken in a natural yet flattering way.

    Looking for Inspirational Ideas

    If you are not sure about where to begin then get in touch with us right away! We will book an appointment for you and you could visit us in person. Take a look through the different photoshoots for baby showers we have done so far. You might even get some inspiration just by going through albums. We have used different ideas for baby shower photography. We are providing the best photoshoot for baby shower and maternity periods. Continue reading for the most popular ideas among our clients.

    Using a Prop

    You just can’t go wrong with the use of a good prop. It just pops out the fun element of the picture. For instance, some of our clients use small woolen pair of shoes or a small board with the happy news scribbled on it in a fun font! Props bring out the best in a picture because it lets the viewer focus on two things only which are the bump and the prop which is about the expected child. We will ensure to give you the best photoshoot for baby shower.

    Using a Stuffed Toy

    Some clients even use a white bear or any stuffed toy for their photoshoot. They are framed as a mom to dad; in other words, the soon-to-be parents hold the toy with each hand just like they would with their child is the best way to a photoshoot for baby shower. This announcement technique is also popularly used along with being low maintenance and budget-friendly.

    Sharing the Expected Date

    Most often a small board with the expected date is held right next to the baby bump. This shows when the baby will arrive along with focusing on the baby bump which is the star of the photoshoot. A sign can help in conveying a message and creating a meaningful photograph. Photoshoot for baby shower is a beautiful memory for the parents.

    Another way of holding this sign is that the mom-to-be could hold this sign while hugging the father-to-be. This is a creative way of announcing your big news to the world. The mom-to-be holds the sign on the back of her partner with the announcement of the delivery date. The same pose can be reversed with the father-to-be holding the board in front of the mom right next to the bump. It is the perfect time for a photoshoot for baby shower.

    Using a Sonogram

    This is a classic way of announcing your big news! It just never goes old and always stays in fashion as far as photoshoot for baby shower is concerned. All that you have to do is hold up a sonogram right next to the bump for a sweet photo. We choose the background wisely so that the black and white sonogram pops out and that the thunder of the bump is not stolen. Photoshoot for baby shower is the best memory for the parents to be and we will ensure to make it memorable.


    Get in touch for more inspiring ideas. Book an appointment with us right now! Visit us in person to check out the numerous maternity & Photoshoot for baby shower assignments done by our team. You might even get inspirational ideas about arranging your photo albums.

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