When it comes to eat,presentation matters a lot. When it comes to presentation, good food photography is required. When it comes to good photography, the WowShoots are here to serve you heartily.The things that keep you up at night are what we aim to tackle on behalf of our clients.A photo that perfectly captures the essence of a dish can get you customer’s attention, they can imagine it’s delicious smell plus tempting taste in picture.That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the quality of your food photography meets the standards that customers expect.

Our Passion

We believe that “Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience”. To make this experience more tempting
our passion is to create/provide an organic and authentic images that tell delicious stories about the food we all love.

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    With crisp light and tantalizing compositions, We strive for the yum factor that pulls viewers in. The WowShoots wants to help clients to reach their audience and fill their ever-growing demand for food photography and video content.

    Our photography style is modern and graceful, but we also take into consideration the style and mood of the restaurant to best represent the brand.Today’s diners expect to see how splendid your food is (weather on menu cards pictures or websites), whether you are a restaurant or a hotel – therefore your cuisine images need to be outstanding. cook well, taste well, present well.

    Types of Food Photography

    There are two major types of food photography. These two food photography types are categorized as editorial food photography and advertisement food photography. Editorial food photography targets magazines; hence, it is all about making beautiful pictures. As far as advertisement food photography is concerned, it is about selling food which is on the table.

    The photographer has to click pictures of food from commercial restaurants with the viewpoint of enhancing sales figures. At Wow Shoots, we deal with both these food photography categories. From covering shoots for fine dining restaurants to fast foods chains to street hawkers and instagram worthy pictures including food fashion magazines; Wow Shoots has extensive clientele across the United Arab Emirates. Usually, the art directors of our clients stay around to see us doing our work as professional food photographers in Dubai. At times, they pitch in ideas that help in clicking the ultimate picture. It is like teamwork.

    We have to satisfy our clients and we work around their creative ideas while ensuring that we do not compromise the quality of the food photography. You will find our photographers to be friendly and open to your ideas. We urge our clients to share their ideas without any hesitance even if they think of anything in the middle of the shoot. In this way, our satisfied clients refer us in their social circle.

    Our Clientele and Equipment

    Our majority clients run commercial set ups and we have an eye for capturing a mouthwatering shoot. As professional food photographers in Dubai, we use exceptional lighting techniques for capturing food pictures. Technical perfection is vital for capturing a unique picture and our photographers are equipped with the latest technologically advanced DSLR. The beauty of every element of the subject is covered in the picture without overshadowing the thunder of the key food item. We use Nikon D3, D800 and other Swiss equipment. We use view cameras as well with digital backs for medium formats. On rare occasions, we use a 35mm angle for clicking the picture. We mostly work with tilt shift lens and they work great for the food photography.

    We use light modifiers and our favorite is the Fresnel spot. Using flash helps in capturing the best shot of the food while blurring the exterior lines. The best part about the Fresnel spot is that it enables us to focus while the light is crispy (not too harsh but not too light either). The shadow is also crispy and despite all this lighting, our special light does not fill our studio. Our team of best food photographers in Abu Dhabi uses mirrors to retain light in our dedicated dimensions. This helps in getting accurate pictures and we can reflect that light anywhere we want. While it gives us the power of reflecting light anywhere, it also enables us to cast shadows from a certain reflection. These are our signature moves and we base our shoots like this.

    Working with the Food Stylist

    Food photography is time consuming. Other than the food photographer, there’s another team working on the food design, plating, etc. Our food photographers in UAE consider the various options of clicking the picture. While the food design team is busy, the food photographer analyzes the area for the best lighting and the best angle for the shoot. So as the food stylist is focusing on perfecting the food, our photographers aim at refining the shoot prospect.

    As professional food photographers in Dubai, we exalt patience while doing our job. We understand that the food stylists have to give their best so we do not ask them to speed up the whole thing. Once the food has been set, we click quality pictures as the best food photographer in Dubai. We never touch the food at all. Most of the time, the art director or the food stylist pitches in ideas. Sometimes, the client prepares a layout of their idea beforehand. It is convenient for both parties involved. We try to make that drawing a reality. However, sometimes a little deviation from their ideas due to our ideas end up making a fun yet creative shoot.

    This is why we prefer some leeway as it helps in experimenting and finding the best shot. Sometimes, the clients have a certain dimension in which they want us to take a photograph. They come with a rectangle with a 6 by 9 or any other dimension and our job is to ensure that their burger looks great within that dimension. The clients do not know the extent of our creativity and how much we can play with our cameras to give them a shot exceeding their expectations. Therefore, despite all the pre-plans the photography session usually pans out in a different direction but with the best outcome and efforts of the whole team.

    With years of experience being the best food photographer in Dubai, we have come up with small yet useful tips for you to capture food photographs at home with your smartphone.

    Grid Setting

    You will find a tool in your smartphone which will overlay the grid for every photo you take. This helps in ensuring that the lines are straight while you can conveniently divide the frame in twos or threes. If you are using an ‘iPhone’ then you will find the grid toggle in the camera settings. And if you are are using an Android or Galaxy then you will find the grid settings in the camera application. If you still cannot find the grid settings in your phone then you can download any popular mobile application for this purpose.

    Exposure Slider

    You can focus on the exposure of your camera manually by tapping the touch screen of the phone. All you will have to do is touch your finger on the subject on your screen. A small image of a sun will appear. Sliding your finger up and down will allow you to control the light in your photograph before clicking.

    Natural Lighting

    This is your best bet for lighting if you cannot figure out using the exposure slider. Natural lighting will help you in creating a contrast and texture along with the creation of shadows. You could take your food to the front of the window, your terrace or even at your porch for the best natural lighting.


    Try adding props like flowers, napkins, table decorations or different platters to raise your photography bar. Garnishing of your food could add just the right amount of oomph you need for your photograph. Props help in telling a story and adding a warm touch. You could even consider using your family member or even your pet in the frame! However, please ensure that the individual is not wearing anything dark or fancy because the focus of the picture is your food.

    These tips come from our experience as professional food photographers in Dubai. Let us know how these tips helped you in improving your food photography. On a main note – get in touch for professional food photography even if you are running a home based online food business. Our professional food photographs are just what you are looking for to project the best for your customers!

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