Name: Dervish
Nationality: Iranian
Availability in UAE: Yes
Profession: Entertainer (Singer, Dancer, DJ, Magician, Acrobat, Cultural Entertainer)
Instagram/Portfolio Link: Instagram – mrdervish_

Profile Description: Dervish is a multifaceted entertainer from Iran, specializing in fusion band music and spirituality dance. With a deep connection to cultural and artistic expression, Dervish brings a unique blend of talents to every performance. Currently based in the UAE, he is available for local assignments and is open to exploring new opportunities that require travel.

Portfolio Photos:

  1. Photo 1: Performing with a fusion band, showcasing musical talent and stage presence.
  2. Photo 2: Spirituality dance in traditional attire, emphasizing cultural roots.
  3. Photo 3: Casual look, highlighting a relaxed and approachable personality.
  4. Photo 4: Artistic dance pose, demonstrating flexibility and creativity.
  5. Photo 5: Engaging in a DJ set, showcasing versatility as an entertainer.

Previous Experience:
Dervish has a rich history of performances in music and dance, with a focus on creating meaningful and spiritually uplifting experiences. His versatility as a singer, dancer, DJ, magician, and cultural entertainer makes him a captivating performer for a wide range of events and assignments.

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