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We also work as Birthday Photographer in Dubai to cover birthday photoshoots. Covering birthday photography parties has always been a challenging task especially if we are covering a party filled with children. This is because children are always engaged in fun-filled activities so asking them for posing during the whole game becomes annoying for them. Hence, we take a lot of candid shots of everyone, and group photos are taken during the cake-cutting ceremony. Other than this, we have a featured cake smash photography option for our options. We are always on point when it comes to camera settings and clicking memories without coming in your way of fun and laughter. We cover a lot of items as a birthday photographer in Dubai. Continue reading to learn about our focus points of the cake smash photography and birthday photoshoot.

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    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE
    birthday photoshoot in Dubai, UAE

    Capturing Décor

    All birthday parties are incomplete without the party decorator who has put their heart and soul into the small details from the theme to the washi tapes, matched balloons, color-coordinated settings, and interior. We often come a little early so that we can capture photos of the decorations set up before the party begins. We click pictures of the balloons, cake, and wide shots of the whole room. This is a great way of thinking along a different scale and getting precious photos of everything on a birthday photoshoot.

    Birthday Photoshoot Candid Shots

    We just cannot stress enough the importance and beauty of candid shots. They are unique and tell a story of their own. They have more narrative as it includes people laughing, kids jumping around and playing, greeting guests, capturing gifts, the host hugging the guests as they arrive, and so on. We are sneaky with our camera and we capture such fleeting moments quickly. So our clients get a load full of candid photos. Even though they never ask for it but most often these candid photos immediately become a part of their most favorite shots of the whole birthday photoshoot.

    Traditional Must Have Photos in Birthday Photoshoot

    We just cannot eliminate the need of capturing the traditional must have photos. There will be numerous group photos. We always chat with the host of the event before the party to get the hang of the activities planned. Most often as we go around the party, people group in twos, threes or fours immediately to get papped by us! Other than that, we prefer to know about the big moments planned so that they are given particular focus like blowing candles, singing the birthday song and even the gifts opening ceremony. We also click photos of the activities planned like any card show or a puppet show.

    Changing Perspective

    Capturing the best often requires a hefty change in our usual birthday photoshoot session. For instance, when it comes to capturing kids then we drop down to their level to capture their pictures. When they are playing around then we go low to capture their expressions filled with excitement. However, when it comes to opening gifts and cutting the cake then we capture photos from our eye level because then we take in the huge crowd as well. It then becomes sort of candid group photos. In the same way, when it comes to capturing the food or gifts then the angle of the shoot changes accordingly.

    Group Photos

    These are the formal photographs with the whole family. Group photos are made with different sets of people starting with a group photo of the birthday child with parents and siblings. In the next photo, grandparents are also added in the frame. They too become a part of the picture. The next group photo involves all the kids – all the friends and cousins of the birthday child. Once all the kids have been clicked then we move on to including other guests in the photographs which often include the parents of the children invited. This picture often becomes a huge final shot. Group photos are taken before all the chaos of the cake cutting ceremony but after all the guests has arrived so that no one is left out. People become comfortable with each other by chatting and then we roll in for all sorts of group photos. It also becomes a formal photography session.


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