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Social media has revolutionized the approach firms campaign, moving away from TV commercials and radio melodies and toward images and videos. The video represents 80% of worldwide website traffic, with Facebook itself producing 800 million video views each day. YouTube has over billion monthly active users every month, and the amount of time people spend watching youtube is increasing by 60% year on year.

WOW Shoots & Social Media Video Production

WOW Shoots is a complete video production agency in the UAE, and the Middle East. Our experience is in creating high-quality videos which are already based on a solid content marketing strategy. We have made movies for many types of companies throughout industries – as part of our 15 years experience.

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    Social Media Video Production Services by WOW Shoots

    We provide a wide suite of Social Media Video Production services that can help your company in growing on social media platforms and boost the awareness of your account.

    • Social media video conceptualization
    • Branding video production
    • Promotional video production
    • Commercial video production
    • Video editing
    • Animated video production

    Videos and Social Media

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    If we had to decide either to watch videos and see a summary of the video content, we will go with the video. This is due to the fact that people are designed to digest visual data 60,000 seconds faster than textual.

    Providing your clients with whatever they want is the importance of good advertising. We use the strength of in-demand multimedia to increase brand visibility by promoting brand awareness and demonstrating your brand’s competence by merging social media marketing & video creation.

    People can remember videos they’ve watched although if they don’t interact with them. This equals to free branding – the finest sort!

    A thousand words are not enough to describe the value of a video

    People Love Videos

    People Love Videos

    Your brand is unusual to surpass an adorable kitten video, however after watching it, your viewers is 34% more likely to purchase your goods. Videos shouldn’t have to be only for advertising; you can use them to answer customer questions and build your brand’s authority as a trusted advisor. Invest in the cinematography power of your brand.

    Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly

    People are migrating towards smartphones to access digital platforms because it is simply more accessible. Unlike Flash Player, YouTube and native social videos are HTML5 – light and mobile-friendly. Your competitors are employing videos as part of their content advertising; do not even fall behind.

    Made for SEO

    Made for SEO

    Videos are now a crucial component of Google and other search engines algorithms. Including a video on your homepage not only increases your results, but it also significantly increases visitor’s conversions.

    Emotional Connections

    Emotional Connections

    Video seems to have an unmatched ability to instantly connect with people. A well-crafted video not only provides as a storyline for the brand’s history; it also allows the viewer to relate with it, making them say, “That’s me!” This is the emotion that makes them want to buy your stuff. Allow us to assist you here.

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