Name: Liliia Puzenko

Date of Birth: April 30, 1986

Nationality: Ukrainian

Location Availability: Available locally in UAE

Per Day Rates for Assignments: 700

Willingness to Travel for Assignments: Yes

Instagram Portfolio: Lilialfarid

Profession: Entertainer (Singer, Dancer, DJ, Magician, Acrobat, Cultural Entertainer)

Specialization: Bellydance


Liliia Puzenko is a versatile entertainer from Ukraine, currently based in the UAE. Specializing in bellydance, Liliia brings a captivating and culturally rich performance to her audiences. With a daily rate of 700, she is available for local assignments and open to traveling for performances. Liliia’s extensive experience as a singer, dancer, DJ, magician, acrobat, and cultural entertainer makes her a dynamic and engaging performer. Her Instagram portfolio highlights her talent and dedication to her craft, ensuring she delivers unforgettable performances for any event or occasion.

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