WowShoots always bring the best for our customers. The latest addition to our huge range of services is shooting time lapse videos. Time lapse videos are made through stationary cameras. The camera takes a lot of pictures of a certain subject over a long period of time. Then those pictures are speed up digitally in a video form. Wow Shoots provides quality time lapse videos, and services in Dubai for different businesses. Our major subjects to date have been the evolution of the construction sites, installation of huge sculptures, traffic of cities, and sunsets. Time lapse photography combines the photographs of the whole project into a few seconds or minutes. We work closely with our customers for customizing a schedule for shooting. This schedule determines the timings of placing cameras at our clients’ location. The schedules have critical milestones for putting every major point on the map.

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    Other than time lapse videos, we offer a full range of time lapse photography services and these are as follows:

    • Deciding the requirements for the installation of camera and mounting equipment
    • Quality control of the image on a daily basis
    • Setting schedules for capturing photos for camera
    • Using remote time lapse units
    • Maintenance of equipment
    • Finding the best angle for cameras for the time lapse videos
    • Monitoring all sorts of construction projects
    • Storage of data
    • Getting all legal documents like permits for the decommission, installation and the maintenance

    So are you looking for some method for manipulating time? Are you looking for a speed up video which would otherwise take hours, days or months? If yes, then let us handle your time lapse video. We are among the pioneers of time lapse companies in UAE.



    We believe that time lapse videos in UAE have a huge potential of unlocking your worth in the market. This is partly because you have the option of showcasing your work in minimal time to your potential clients. It can be used as the perfect marketing gimmick. They are not only attractive but they also grab a viewer’s attention immediately while showing all the work efforts that you put into a project. Due to these reasons, we believe that time lapse videos are the next big thing for marketing purposes. It is a great tool for large corporations. On the bright side, making these videos for the marketing purpose of your service or product can help in recording and sharing information about your company. These videos have the potential of showcasing information about your products and services in a fun and engaging way.

    Our Clients

    Our team of experts can cover any range of time decided and then the photographs taken will be edited so that they fit the requirements of a video. According to your requirement, time lapse videos can be made for your surveys, web content, meetings, social media, and marketing material. Our clients come from the environment monitoring departments, human resources departments for analyzing the performance of their field players, building up a project, and creating content for the social media presence of a business, and even for setting up an event. Time lapse services in Dubai work best for many businesses.

    There are numerous benefits of time lapse videos and these benefits will be discussed briefly for developing your understanding.


    Time lapse videos can be used for a variety of services. On top of this, the videos can be used on different devices according to your convenience. Thus, versatility is a huge benefit!

    Reduced Visits of Site

    Once you get daily performance in such videos then you do not have to visit your construction sites on a daily basis. You can view the progress of each day in few seconds by the end of the day.


    Wow Shoots is committed to using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to get the best results for our clients. Our team of editors have decades of experience in editing all sorts of videos for professional and marketing purpose. Thus, you can rely on us for making top quality 360 product photography your business.


    As time lapse services prepared by us are of top quality, you can resolve any issues in your office with evidence. This is because these videos track genuine performance on a daily basis. Hence, it ensures transparency in the reports sent to you by your staff. Information becomes fast and dependable for making new strategic decisions for your business.

    Enhancing Exposure

    Most used content on social media are short videos. Therefore, companies can make time lapse services on UAE for showing their skills and all the efforts they put in a project from scratch. Thus, these videos can be prepared for social media marketing purpose. This is an amazing way of sharing your projects and the major successes of your business. In short, time lapse video is an attractive promotional tool for your business.

    Improvement of Team Performance

    These videos help in building team work and cultivating team spirit. Time lapse services can be used to analyze the performance of team work and assessing about what more can be done to achieve target results efficiently. These videos help in monitoring team work and provide data for improvement analysis purpose.

    Covering Every Angle

    Cameras can be placed at different angles for complete coverage. In this way, you can get pictures of your site and project. This also helps in highlighting weaknesses on your projects on an early basis while allowing you to rectify operations.

    A Unique Perspective

    Time lapse services in UAE are also used for collecting data. This data can be used for study purposes. For instance, they can be used for reading customers behavior or they could be used for analyzing the traffic patterns at different junctions of a city. The workflow in any company can also be analyzed through time lapse videos.

    The benefits of time lapse services in UAE surmount its creation cost. So don’t waste time and come to us for making your time lapse videos! Book an appointment with us from the contact details below. Visit us and see our portfolio. We will share our successful projects and clients testimonials. Then according to your budget, we will make time lapse videos for your business.

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