If you own an eCommerce store, eCommerce photography is highly important for your business. eCommerce photography involves taking professional photography for eCommerce products to attract the right customers and make them trust your products.

WOW Shoots is Dubai’s leading eCommerce photography services provider, specializing in apparel, jewelry, home goods, foods, cosmetics, and consumer product luxury. Our in-house team of photographers for eCommerce products and retouchers can help you create and manage your brand’s ideal eCommerce photography with exceptional quality and reliability.

We are expert eCommerce product photographers who offer leading web photographs and eCommerce product photography in several forms that meet all conceivable brand demands. All major eCommerce platforms accept the photographs we generate.

If you have no resources or experience in high-quality eCommerce photography; please let us be your specialists. Do not worry. In order to assist you to simplify the process and ensure the completion of big-capacity projects, we provide fully furnished studios on-site and skilled specialists.

Our eCommerce photographers, product stylists, retouchers, and customer support team are prepared to listen to your brand’s objectives and simplify the conversation so that you may take advantage of our eCommerce photography studio and product photoshoot services in Dubai and all over UAE.

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    We offer competitive eCommerce photography pricing and provide innovative solutions which suit your specific demands. This includes white background industry-standard photographs, which are accepted on all major eCommerce platforms. We also offer model photographs and unique lifestyle settings ranging from tabletop scenarios to whole room scenes.

    Leave all things to us, our post-processing staff will deal with all of the eCommerce marketplaces needs for re-touching, color correction, redimensioning, and formatting. Our photographs assist customers to draw attention as never before to their products.


    If you focus on a brand of sleek, minimalist, and modern feelings in your company’s graphic design, a white background is a contemporary classic. It is crucial to be aware that Amazon is the largest consumer of white backdrop images if you finally sell your product on a third-party online shop.

    If you scroll through Amazon’s items it is evident that the value behind a white background will be seen as you are set on the biggest online market in the world to sell your product. Professional eCommerce photography Dubai is always accompanied by a professional eCommerce website. So make sure you contact the right web developers.

    The background of the image is significant. Using a white background is a fabulous chance to make sure your product looks sound and your image is smooth. It may appear monotonous, but it gives a clear picture promising in the product quality, professionalism, and attention to detail.

    The clarification needed for a white backdrop picture enables you to emphasize the functionality of your goods and give a complete perception of your product to the buyer. There is no risk that with a white background your product will overwhelm your own product – no cluttered background to distract potential clients. Your customer sees what you provide exactly.

    It is crucial to ensure that the product is lit and that all borders are highlighted adequately when taking a photograph on a white background. It’s much tougher than the picture of a high-quality white-background product seems to be, thus at WOW Shoots, at professional photography eCommerce website, we are proud to take the greatest picture we can.

    We ensure that every product is well lit and illuminated so that it looks best, regardless of the location of your product.

    3 Major Selection for Black and Pure White Background Photos


    Colorful and textured backdrops of eCommerce photography create a special result. An excellent pick has a great visual effect. For both eCommerce stores and the brick and mortar business, however, the white background is necessary.

    View Angle

    For most products, angles of the front and side view are frequently deemed necessary. The back, detail, and functionality of the product are good for further product aspects, such as material, finish, specifications, etc. The angle photographs on the product page are an excellent technique to lower the rate of return.


    Natural light and reflection are certainly fantastic selections for jewelry sales and watchmaking. Also, good possibilities are fashion accessories and things made of brilliant materials. Reflection and black backdrop for products of over-dimension are not recommended.


    The three most essential aspects affecting product images are background color, angle of view, and reflection. Follow our guidelines or view the product picture library for certain suggestions.

    Inspired Background

    In collaboration with customers, our production teams will analyze the features of their products and portray all features in a photographic picture correctly.

    On Location

    Photo equipment can be carried by our personnel and pick up at your destination. Our vehicle is well fitted to make up models and other procedures.

    Scene Setup

    In order to make lifestyle photography for eCommerce and creative pictures possible, we may create realistic scene configurations such as home furniture, kitchens, apparel, accessories, and crafts, and many more.


    The most popular eCommerce photo shooting is always fashion photography and model photography. WOW Shoots can offer innovative and attractive fashion eCommerce photography solutions for the white background or invisible ghost mannequin web photographs, jewelry, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, or anything that needs an extra human touch!

    Including a live fashion model in your online shot, it will make it an image that your audience can best connect to as “simply another product photo.” When buyers see things displayed attractively, they may more easily visualize the product than if it were a “mill run” non-model image.


    We have a varied range in age, size, gender, and ethnicity of professional models (Check out the Model Portfolio below). Don’t see from our available stock the correct match for your brand? No difficulty. We can work on modeling to make it amazingly simple to amazing for you to take your online shot.


    A personal customer coordinator is provided to make contact simpler before the model shootings. You will ensure that your input is taken into account and implemented to the best of our ability in the production plan. Our trusted team of eCommerce photographers, hair & makeup artists, and designers are working relentlessly to make your vision alive. The end result can only be as motivating as the total number of components that you work with high-quality components.

    3 Elements you need to know about Model Photography

    An actual model is the greatest way to display a mode-related product. This works well with clothing, footwear, fashion equipment, and jewelry. Lighting is very critical, stylist and location elements. The vision will be improved by a proper combination.


    Photography of models combines the skills of the portrait and the photography of merchandise. It’s sensitive to lighting. Your products will be presented in the perfect mix by our years of experience.


    Artists in style and makeup are the important elements of model photography. There are various details on a decent internet photograph. Stylists & makeup artists will decorate perfect products to enhance final images online.


    A customized product can be unique in color and textured backdrops. A good background selection has a tremendous visual impact. In model photography, the white color is popular.


    Book an appointment with us right now! Visit us in person to check out the numerous product photography assignments done by our team. You might even get inspirational ideas about arranging your product display. For custom product photography quotes or eCommerce price “Contact us” now

    Fashion Industry

    Stay up to date with the latest trends. Shoot each new collection creatively while adhering to online image standards. Also, let us create videos for you to engage visitors even more


    We have an experienced team who specialize in photographing all types of products. We strive to get the most out of your products making sure to maximize their potential while showcasing the class, quality and craftsmanship that they are made with.


    An extremely competitive market requires original solutions. Demonstrate your technological innovation to your customers on your website. With our 360 degree images and zoom in on every technical detail will impress customers and help boost sales.

    Home Goods

    Your customers usually want to compare these two factors. Give them the most helpful information by providing them with both text description and an image. Because what you see is what counts.

    Shoot Everything

    Small parts? Large engines? Museum exhibits? eCommerce or Products? Virtually anything can be captured and spun in 360°/3D photography. The result is always an attractive interactive presentation which draws viewers in.

    WOW Shoots is an eCommerce photography studio shooting 60+ product categories


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