Are you preparing everything to propose a life commitment to the love of your life?

You must have chosen a classy yet swanky venue but did you hire any professional photographer for the engagement shoot?

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We would stay hidden till you propose to keep up with your surprise proposal for your partner. Our photographers are a pro in blending with the environment! So this should be the last thing to worry about! Just leave everything to us! We will handle your engagement session photography with great care and dedication.

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    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai
    Professional Engagement Shoot in Dubai


    If it is recent that you have become engaged, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin getting ready for the huge day which is your wedding day. As a matter of fact, from WOW Shoots: Congrats on your commitment to each other & best of luck in your life! Arranging a wedding will undoubtedly be a standout amongst the most energizing and fun parts of your life. Some portion of this ought to incorporate arranging your engagement shoot session. Your session is an extraordinary opportunity to get settled with your picked wedding photographic artist, and also an opportunity to get some incredible pictures for your “engagement” cards!

    After your engagement function, we will plan a period and date to go over the majority of your fun and memorable photographs. We can utilize this opportunity to go over subtle elements for your wedding, pick your most loved shots, and talk about different bundles for prints and computerized duplicates.

    Wow Shoots understands that you want to cherish and preserve your engagement memories for life. In this case, we will show you the benefits of hiring a professional engagement photographer and also let you know about how this is the best decision. Other than getting top-notch quality pictures, we would like to share numerous benefits of professional photography and videography. Cameras only play a small role in capturing the perfect shot. Meanwhile, knowledge of the equipment is vital which amateur photographers are not aware of.


    We understand that you have prepared a surprise for your partner. We know that you are worried about this whole deal of proposing and getting a solid YES. We understand the importance of your engagement. We have shot for numerous engagement shoot sessions photography and videography. With our solid experience in this niche, we totally understand why your engagement is a special occasion. We have covered surprise engagement shoot of minimal people to huge events. We cater to the engagement shoot plans of everyone. Shooting a huge event or even a small engagement that does not have a surprise proposal is very easy because your guests are already aware of the fact that you will get engaged to your partner. However, shooting a surprise proposal is an entirely different domain. We have shot surprise proposals in restaurants, parks, shopping malls, and even during private events or occasions of small gatherings on the beach or different halls. No matter what venue you may decide for proposing the love of your life, be assured that we have got you covered!


    Our Wow Shoots team will visit your location beforehand and pick the best camera angles to capture the reactions of your partner when you propose. Our team will also decide about how they will blend in the environment as a prop! In this way, we will prepare for your engagement photography service. We even give free advice about where you should stand to propose. This helps in getting pictures with the best lights without rushing forward with our heavy equipment or using extra lights which would appear to be unusual. We ensure that your attention is not distracted by us during the whole session. Although, we recommend that you pose specifically for photographs after the proposal ceremony has gone perfectly as planned. The photoshoot will be done discreetly initially but our photographers will step out of their hiding spaces once you have proposed for full coverage. However, we will not step over your engagement at all. Our professional team is equipped with basic skills like tailing you but without disturbing you. So your engagement photography service will be done by professional photographers who know how to deal with such surprise proposals.


    We encourage our clients to openly discuss what they want and expect from us. We have dealt with engagements at a beach. Such engagement parties are filled with a lot of engaging activities so knowing about them earlier helps us in preparing ourselves for the shoot. For instance, we once covered a small hide n seek game at an engagement party. Most people prefer a dance floor. While some people just bust out dance moves according to the music, there are some clients who organize their dances with their own choreography. We cover those dances or skits as well. One engagement party even had a stand-up comedian. Our photographers curled with peals of laughter but they did not compromise on their jobs and shot lovely candid photographs of the audience at the engagement. Therefore, we request you to share your plans with us beforehand so that we may send our team that would be best suited for your event. It would work best for both of us.


    Our photographers speak to their equipment. That’s their understanding level with their professional equipment. We use the latest equipment with the best results and our photographers yield magic with the latest cameras. Your guests at the event would accommodate us understandingly because they know that you have paid for this service and they will make way for us so that we may engagement shoot the best photographs from different angles without any breaks! Furthermore, professional photographers remain calm during any emotional part of your engagement event. For instance, most ladies tear up to see a commitment of two beautiful people but our team would be working non-stop without any emotional meltdown! Apart from this, as we notice every little detail, we will let you know if anything needs fixing like any lipstick on your teeth or any loose tie! On top of all this, a professional photographer knows how to capture every moment in the limelight without actually stealing your thunder and without being in the middle of everything!


    Book with us now an appointment! Visit us in person to see our team’s many engagement shoot tasks. You might even get some great ideas about how to set up your engagement shoot in a creative way.

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