Name: Tasif Dar
Nationality: Indian
Availability in UAE: Yes
Standard Per Day Rates for Modeling Assignments: 1500 AED
Willingness to Travel for Assignments: Yes
Profession: Model
Instagram/Portfolio Link: Instagram – tasifdar88.official

Profile Description: Tasif Dar is an experienced and versatile model hailing from India. Currently based in the UAE, Tasif is readily available for local assignments and is willing to travel for projects, showcasing his commitment and adaptability. With a standard rate of 1500 AED per day, he brings professionalism and a strong work ethic to every assignment.

Portfolio Photos:

  1. Photo 1: High-fashion look, showcasing elegance and sophistication.
  2. Photo 2: Casual look, emphasizing a relaxed and approachable personality.
  3. Photo 3: Athletic look, highlighting fitness and strength.
  4. Photo 4: Traditional Indian attire, celebrating cultural heritage.
  5. Photo 5: Creative/artistic pose, demonstrating versatility and creativity.

Previous Experience:
Tasif has built a commendable portfolio in the modeling industry, with experience spanning various styles and genres. His ability to adapt to different looks and themes makes him a well-rounded candidate for diverse modeling assignments.

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