Desmond Aidoo

  • Clients Worked With: American Rag Cie and Daily Paper
    • Desmond has collaborated with renowned brands such as American Rag Cie and Daily Paper, showcasing his ability to work with top-tier fashion retailers.
  • Nationality: Ghanaian
    • Bringing a rich cultural heritage to his styling, Desmond infuses his unique perspective into his fashion work.
  • Notable Projects/High-Profile Clients:
    • While he hasn’t worked with high-profile clients yet, Desmond is eager to expand his portfolio and take on new, exciting challenges.
  • Unique Selling Point: My fashion sense
    • Desmond believes that his distinctive fashion sense sets him apart in the industry, allowing him to create standout looks that attract attention.
  • Portfolio/Examples of Work:
    • Although he doesn’t have an online portfolio currently, Desmond is confident in his abilities and is open to showcasing his work through new projects.

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