Full Name: Kimia Bayat

Date of Birth: 7/4/2024 17:19:17

Nationality: Iranian

Location: United Arab Emirates

Available for: L’Officiel Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Influencers, E’toile Boutique, Puma, Chanel, Swarovski, Essence Cosmetics, Elle Arabia, Glamour Bulgaria, and more

Notable Experience:

  • Worked with L’Officiel Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Elle Arabia, Chanel, Swarovski, and other prestigious brands

Key Projects:

  • Collaborations with influencers and fashion boutiques such as E’toile Boutique
  • Campaigns for global brands like Puma and Essence Cosmetics

Description: Kimia Bayat is a highly accomplished fashion stylist renowned for her work with top-tier publications and luxury brands. With a tailored approach to each client, Kimia leverages her expertise to curate visually stunning and cohesive looks that align with brand aesthetics and mood boards. Her ability to understand client deliverables and execute creative visions sets her apart in the industry.


  • Extensive experience in styling for high-profile publications and global brands
  • Bespoke approach to styling tailored to client mood boards and aesthetics
  • Strong collaboration skills with influencers and fashion boutiques
  • Expertise in fashion, beauty, and luxury brand styling

Portfolio: Explore Kimia Bayat’s portfolio and discover more about her professional work at @styledbykimia or KimiaBayat.com.

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