A Complete Guide to Start a Photography Business in Dubai

Photography business in dubai

As Dubai is well known for tourism, tourism without a photoshoot is incomplete, just like a heart is without a heartbeat. However, Dubai is the best place to start your photography business as there are many fun places to start your own. In this article, we share a comprehensive guide that will be helpful for you to start a photography business in Dubai. 

1. Essential Gear and Equipment

As an expert photographer, you might need the below-mentioned tools to start a photography business in Dubai. 

1.1: Camera: Invest in a high-resolution mirrorless camera or a DSLR. 

1.2: Lenses: You might need various lenses for photography such as Macro lenses for small businesses and prime lenses for sharp images. 

1.3:Tripod: To start a photography business, you must ensure that you properly install consistency and stability in your shots.

1.4: Backgrounds: For professional photoshoots most of the time it is preferable to choose a white and black background instead of a different color background. However, it all depends on the product type. 

1.5: Photo Editing Software: To give your photos a professional touch you need premium photo editing software such as Adobe Premium or Lightroom for post-processing. 

2: Setting Up Your Studio

2.1: Lightning Setup: A good lightning setup is necessary for a high-quality photoshoot. Therefore, properly set up lightning to eliminate the shadows to highlight your product details. 

2.2: Space: You require a dedicated room area or a studio to set up all photography equipment and backgrounds. 

2.3: Organize Your Gear: For efficient workflow keep your equipment organized. 

3: Building a Portfolio

Create a portfolio website or in any online platform build a portfolio that shows your work in such a way: 

3.1: Different Range: Showcase the various types of photography products such as jewelry, fashion, and electronics for your targeted audience. 

3.2: Quality Over Quantity: Make sure that each photo is high quality and professional. 

3.3: Before Vs After: Represents your editing skills in such a way that each photo clearly shows the before vs after results. 

4: Marketing Your Services

4.1: Do market your photography business services on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. 

4.2: If you have a business website, the better option is to do its SEO for search engines to attract target organic traffic. 

5: Legal and Administrative Steps

5.1: Business License: To operate legally in Dubai, get the necessary business licenses.

5.2: Insurance: Before starting a photography business in Dubai, make sure you protect your photoshoot types of equipment and your business with significant insurance. 

6: Continues Improvements

6.1: Stay Updated: In product photography, you should keep updated with the latest technologies and trends. 

6.2: Feedback: To improve your business services seek feedback from potential clients. 

6.3: Network: Stay connected with your industry professional and other agency photographers for continuous improvements in your business. 


It’s an exciting idea to start a photography business in Dubai, but you should make sure that your business works. To make it work you need to properly set up your space, should have the right tools, and have a good portfolio with proper marketing strategies. In this field, to stay successful you should keep up to date with marketing trends and techniques. Good luck with your thriving and exciting journey. 

A Complete Guide to Start a Photography Business in Dubai

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