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    Tips for Shooting and Editing Timelapse Videos

    Timelapse videos are a hypnotic way to expose the passage of time, capture amazing natural views and beauty like sunsets, cloud movement, greenery, and sunrises, and pleasingly present them.

    Moreover, shooting and editing time lapse videos can be a little challenging. This infographic will explain the top tips to make a time-lapse, shooting, and editing a time-lapse video.

    1. Choose a Compelling Subject

    • The subject of your interval video should be innovative, fascinating, and engaging.
    • Select wisely a subject to editing time-lapse videos that update over time, like the changing colors of the sunset, the movement of clouds or traffic in a busy city, the movement of the public, etc.

    2. Use a Stable Camera

    • Your camera should be stable during the time-lapse.
    • Try to use a tripod and a stable surface to hold the camera in place. A shaky camera can ruin the final results. 

    3. Plan the Timing

    • Timing does matter a lot when shooting a time-lapse video. 
    • Examine the length of the time-lapse, speed of the movement, and the frequency of the shots.
    •  Assure that you have sufficient time and battery power to shoot the whole sequence.

    4. Use Manual Settings

    • Set your camera to manual mode to ensure stability in exposure, white balance, and focus. 
    • If your camera’s auto-setting mode is on, it might generate inconsistent video results.

    5. Edit the Images

    • When your shooting process is complete, edit the images to create better final results.
    • You can use a variety of editing software like LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom, etc. 
    • Modify the contrast, saturation, and contrast to increase the colors and create more pop images. 

    6. Use Video Editing Software

    • Once image editing is completed, the next step is to create a final result. 
    • To create a video, you can use several video editing programs like Final Cut Pro to assemble all the photos, Adobe Premium Pro, etc., and add transitions, titles, and music to create a video that captures people’s attention and gets them more engaged. 

    7. Export the Video

    • When all processes are completed, export the final video in the highest quality resolution to make sure it looks vibrant and sharp. 
    • This video can be shared on many social media platforms to engage a wider audience.
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