Name: Sally Minns

  • Clients Worked With: Fashion and Sporting Brands, TV Commercials
    • Sally has extensive experience with fashion and sporting brands, and more recently, has worked on numerous TV commercials for various industries including interiors, food, and cars.
  • Nationality: British
    • As a British stylist, Sally brings a wealth of knowledge from the UK market, complemented by international work experience.
  • Notable Projects/High-Profile Clients: Yes
    • Sally has worked on the latest Adidas x Newcastle United commercial, collaborating with Premier League footballers and high-profile artists. She frequently works with high-profile talent on sponsorship projects for brands such as Tag Watches, Louis Vuitton, and Barbour.
  • Unique Selling Point: Over 12 years of experience working with global brands. Extremely hardworking and committed, with in-depth knowledge and experience on set and in project management.
    • Sally’s extensive experience and dedication make her a valuable asset to any project, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional outcomes.
  • Online Portfolio/Examples of Work:
  • Location: UK, but frequently works overseas on shoots
    • Sally’s flexibility and willingness to work internationally make her a versatile choice for various projects around the globe.

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