Kali Hearns

  • Clients Worked With: Personal work
    • Kali has primarily engaged in personal projects, allowing for creative freedom and exploration of various styles and techniques.
  • Nationality: USA
    • Based in the United States, Kali brings a diverse perspective influenced by American culture and trends.
  • Notable Projects/High-Profile Clients: No
    • While Kali has not worked with high-profile clients, their focus on personal work highlights a dedication to honing their craft and experimenting with new aesthetics.
  • Unique Selling Point: Plays around with a lot of different aesthetics
    • Kali’s versatility and willingness to explore different styles make them adaptable and innovative in their approach to fashion.
  • Online Portfolio/Examples of Work: View Portfolio
    • Kali has an online portfolio available on Google Drive, showcasing their diverse work and creative experimentation.

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