What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you during a photoshoot?

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you during a photoshoot?

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  • While shooting an office group photo by the pool side, I stepped on the drain cover, slipped and fell on back next to pool. Lucky I had a bag on my back so the camera in my hand didn’t fall but everyone held their breath and burst out laughing when I I got up and shouted I am fine.
    After the group photo I realised we were standing on red ants trails 🤣🤣 everyone ran off in different directions

  • I bought my friend one of these lens coffee cups and surprised him with it. At a shoot on the beach I told him I got a new lens and I threw it at him opened and he dropped it and got so scared he gkt sand in the lens. It was funny.

  • While photographing a dirt bike race, I was moving around to get different angles of the riders as they navigated a tricky, muddy section of the track. I was so engrossed in getting the perfect shot that I didn’t notice a slippery patch right in front of me. I stepped forward, lost my footing, and fell flat on my back in the mud. Covered in dirt, I quickly checked my camera (it was fine!) and got back up. The riders passing by gave me thumbs-ups and cheers, clearly amused by my unplanned mud bath. Despite the messy situation, I managed to capture some fantastic action shots.

  • A mom scolded her 5yo for being naughty and told “you going with this auntie, I don’t want you anymore”. Child came back in 5 mins with his toys ready to leave with me, crawling into my car with excitement of new life. 😅