Nusrat Memon




15 years


Versatile Makeup Artistry

Professional Background:

Nusrat Memon is a highly experienced makeup artist with 15 years of expertise in the beauty industry. Hailing from Pakistan, Nusrat has built a reputation for her versatility in makeup artistry, encompassing a wide range of styles and techniques to suit diverse client needs.

Notable Projects:

With a rich portfolio spanning over a decade, Nusrat has collaborated on numerous high-profile projects, demonstrating her ability to create unique and personalized looks that enhance natural beauty.

Online Portfolio:

Discover Nusrat Memon’s exceptional makeup artistry through Gori Beauty Salon’s Instagram profile, showcasing her latest works and client transformations.

Additional Information:

Nusrat is known for her creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to exceeding client expectations. Her passion for makeup artistry drives her to continuously explore new trends and techniques, ensuring she delivers flawless and memorable makeup experiences. As Nusrat continues to evolve in her career, she remains committed to providing top-tier services and creating beauty transformations that leave a lasting impression.

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