Candidate Profile

Full Name: Maneesh K M

Nationality: Indian

Location: Available locally in UAE

Available for: Editorial, campaign, catalogue, product shoots, ad films, and the film industry

Willing to Travel for Assignments: Yes


  • Extensive experience in ad films and the movie industry

Description: Maneesh K M brings a unique blend of extensive fashion knowledge, analytical insights, and round-the-clock availability to the table. His ability to offer tailored, objective advice sets him apart from other fashion stylists in the industry. Maneesh’s dedication to his craft and his keen eye for detail ensure that each project he undertakes is executed to the highest standard. He is well-versed in various aspects of fashion and photography, making him a versatile asset for any assignment.

Portfolio: Maneesh’s diverse portfolio showcases his expertise across multiple domains. You can view his work here.


  • Expertise in editorial, campaign, catalogue, product shoots
  • Proficient in handling ad films and movie industry projects
  • Strong analytical skills and fashion knowledge
  • Excellent communication and client management skills


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