Are you excited to join the first live performance of the superstar Khalid at the Coca-Cola Arena on October 27, 2023.  As we all know, Dubai is the hub for world-class entertainment, but a singing superstar Khalid performance will be a historic moment in world-class entertainment. 

Khalid’s live performance will be rocking and enjoyable, as he is going to sing some of the biggest hit songs, “Young Dumb and Broke” and Better, and just leave the audience on a high note.

Dubai upcoming events where khalid is going to perform live

Do not forget to make this moment more mesmerizing by clicking the performance shots and telling the story through visuals. 

How is photography going to be helpful?

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Enjoy the live performance and capture the amazing moments with professional photography. You can cherish these moments for a long time. The excitement in the eyes of fans for the singing star Khalid and the interaction between them, the unity in the crowd-all these moments can be frozen in time through your lens. 

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