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    Great 2800 RRR VFX Shots and Professional 18 studios to create such a masterpiece

    Iconic scenes of RRR create a magnum opus by director Raja Mouli. RRR has done great business in the history of Indian cinema. The bombastic intense action drama with the visual effects cost 400 crores INR, making it the second most expensive film in Indian history.

    We are going to discuss some fun facts about RRR’s VFX:

    • It took great 7 months to complete RRR’s classical VFX shots
    • 18 VFX studios were involved in the creation of VFX scenes
    • The film has around 2800 VFX shots in total
    • The movie is such a masterpiece that out of 2800 VFX scenes many may not be spotted by viewers.
    • Some VFX sequences involve animals like tigers, bears, wolves, and antelopes
    • The production team had to use radio-controlled cars, miniature cams, and more techniques to help aid great VFX scenes
    • An animal fight scene was first created in a 3D software, then used a Ncam to enable the real-time visualization for the VFX team to create the final VFX screen display
    • IIT Madras students helped the RRR’s production team to set up an LED strip that moved like an animal to aid VFX creation
    • To create the animal radio-controlled cars were installed at a specific speed and actors were choreographed to move accordingly to synchronize
    • RRR’s team had to work with the pressure gauges of the water pipes to sync with the fire scene in VFX
    • Overall the animation took six months and the LED programming took one month.
    • RRR’s VFX team had worked on nearly 50 animal VFX shots