Top Tips for Beach Wedding Photography in Dubai

Wedding beach photography in Dubai

If you dream about beach wedding photography in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach in the United Arab Emirates is the perfect choice for your wedding photoshoot. Dreaming about a classy, elegant, and romantic wedding photoshoot is almost every couple’s desire. Do not worry Wowshoots has a team of expert photographers who can make your dreams into reality. We offer the top-notch wedding photography services in Dubai.  Our team can help you with how your wedding shoot can be perfect. Just follow these top tips for your wedding beach photography. You will be amazed by the results. Let’s explore the top tips for beach wedding photoshoots. 

Top Tips to Create the Perfect Beach Wedding Photography

Wowshoots Studio in Dubai offers the best opportunity to get stunning photos for your family albums.  Here are some of the top tips, as follows: 

Couple Beach photography

Scout the Location: 

Before the wedding day, visit the beach where you want to shoot. Visit the beach at different times of the day so you can perfectly analyze which is the best spot for your photography. Check the best spot to access the lightning conditions and examine the potential shooting spots. 

Moreover, search for interesting backdrops like dunes, city skyline, palm trees, etc, and think about how they can improve your compositions. 

Choose Timing Wisely: 

Pre-plan your photoshoot timing as it is the most important considerable factor. Especially, in the hot Dubai weather. Dubai is a hot place all over the year and in summer it gets even more hotter. However, you can choose the early morning time approximately 6 in the morning. When the weather is amazing with perfect lightning you can choose the time between 16:30 and 18:00 for a wedding photoshoot. 


One best tip that we want to give our international clients. We know and understand them better as our clients are all around the world. Who specifically comes to Dubai only for a wedding photoshoot. We advise you not to plan the wedding photoshoot immediately after you land in Dubai. It will be too stressful for you to adjust according to Dubai time. Moreover, when you feel tired your photos even don’t give the best results.  Take some rest, give yourself a little break then choose a suitable day for photography. 

Consider the Outfits

Most of the couple do not consider the color combination for their outfits. Colors play a huge part in photoshoots. Especially for the beach photoshoot. However, choose a bright and light color combination for a beach photoshoot. Perfect color combinations can help to create the most amazing result. 

Pose for the Perfect Candid Shots

One of the biggest characteristics of the beach photoshoot is the fun relaxed, carefree environment. Try to enjoy yourself with your partner, just forget the world and give some moments to each other. Laugh together, enjoy each other company, and show some love for each other because, in the end, it’s your special day photoshoot. Let the camera capture all these beautiful couple moments. Believe it will create the best photography. 

Couple fun moment photography - candid moments

Final Thought

Overall, beach photography is a great opportunity for wedding couples to capture the best moments and create amazing memories together. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be amazed by the results.