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    Tools which are used for Construction Photography

    Construction Photography is a great marketing tool for construction businesses. It plays a great role in boosting the customer base for construction and real estate businesses. WOW Shoots is an excellent photography agency that provides construction and real estate photography services in Dubai and all across UAE.

    To use construction photography as a marketing tool for a business, the two most important things you need are construction photography skills and appropriate equipment. 

    The camera accessories and other supplies mainly depend on the niche you are working in. For most businesses, the basic equipment is enough to start with, but as you move forward, and want to achieve specific goals, you may need to upgrade your equipment with the development of your skills. 

    In this article, we will discuss the necessary tools required for good real estate and construction photography.

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    Basic Aspiring Construction Photography Equipment for Real Estate and Construction Business

    Whether you get into real estate and construction photography for fun or as a part of your profession, you need to have certain photography equipment that can help you capture the best of your object. 

    Here is a list of the equipment that you can use to produce maser pieces for your business.

    1. A Tripod

    The most important thing that you need to photograph a building or a construction site is nothing else but a tripod. Using a tripod allows you to take photos of your object from the same height. This gives your prospects a feeling of virtual walk through your site. 


    Tripods are helpful in taking sharp pictures of your object, even if you are shooting in a low-light situation. Even in good light condition, tripods help in increasing your results. 

    If you don’t already have a tripod, for the construction and real estate business, investing in a taller tripod is a good idea. While using a tripod, some of the many advantages you get are:

    • Ability to photograph in low light
    • Ability to photograph long exposure
    • Increased stability
    • Shaper photographs
    • More time to create shots
    • Ability to adjust frames 

    2. Lenses

    The next important thing to capture amazing shots, you need to have great lenses. Although the lens is one of the most important photography gear, you need to have more than one lenses while working in the real estate and construction niche.

    construction photography

    For outdoors, if you are working with an APS-C crop sensor, you need either an 18-55 mm or 16-50 mm lens. However, if you are using a full-frame camera, you need something around 24-70 mm. 

    On the other hand, you need an entirely different lens for indoors. As the interior side is comparatively smaller, you need to use lenses that are capable of taking wider shots. For interior shots, you can use lenses with a focal length of 14 – 24 mm or 16 – 35 mm. 

    However, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on lenses. Two will do the needful. But if you can invest in prime lenses, they can get you many benefits. ‘

    • More light into the camera
    • Shallow field-depth
    • Sharper images
    • Better image quality

    3. Camera

    Although the camera is basic gear for construction photography, a tripod and lens can make or break your shot. If you already have a camera, you can start construction photography for the construction or real estate industry by investing in a good tripod and lens. 

    However, if you can invest in a camera as well, you can choose either a crop sensor or a full-frame camera. Since both cameras have their own pros and cons, make the decision on the basis of your other photography needs. 

    A crop sensor camera is an inexpensive option as compared to a full-frame camera. A full-frame camera is a good option for construction sites. Whereas, crop sensor cameras are more useful when it comes to real estate photography. 

    construction photography

    3. Drone

    With the advancement in the photography industry, a drone is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can use to produce masterpieces for your real estate and construction business. 

    Drones have become exceptionally popular for construction photography. Therefore, it is wise to learn how to shoot aerial shots with a drone, especially, if you want to excel in any of these niches. 

    The most important thing you need to look for while buying a drone is that it should be able to take RAW images. It will make the editing process much easier as these files can retain all the details sensors capture. Usually, photography drones already have this option. 

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    construction photography

    Some benefits of using drones for photographing a real estate or a construction site are as follows:

    • Quality aerial images
    • Precision
    • Deployable

    Aerial drone photography is cost-effective as compared to other aerial photography techniques.

    5. HDR Software

    No matter which camera, lens, or tripod you are using, to produce eye-catching photographs, you need to invest in HDR software. 

    In real estate photography, the interior senses often offer a high dynamic range that can cause problems. For instance, the window of a room is very bright as compared to the interior spaces which are less bright. Sometimes, even an HD camera is unable to accommodate the dynamic range. 

    This is where HDR techniques come in handy.

    This investment, especially if you are in real estate photography, will pay you again and again. With this little investment, you can produce interior images far better. 

    6. Filters

    Some people consider filters old-school, there are still fascinating reasons to sue them. Filters are special glasses for cameras that can help you to produce amazing effects in your photographs. 

    UV and some other filters protect your camera lenses from dust, droplets, and other particulates that can damage the lens. These filters also help in reducing haze.

    There is a wide range of good photography equipment that you can use for producing impressive images for your construction and real estate business. There are many other advanced gear options as well, but with the above-mentioned equipment, you are all set to start your journey. 

    Whether it is real estate or construction photography, both genres are challenging but rewarding at the same time. All you need is the ability to think out of the box and have a problem-solving attitude towards your business. Once you have mastered it, you can enjoy a lucrative photography career.