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    The Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Ecommerce Photography in Dubai 

    Where visual appeal is considered everything in the world of e-commerce. Professional photography plays a huge role in quickly capturing a potential buyer’s attention. Ecommerce photography in Dubai has been gaining popularity due to the rapid growth of online shopping. Many businesses start selling their products in online shopping stores or through business websites. But did you know that there are some amazing facts about e-commerce photography that you didn’t know before? This blog discloses interesting top facts about commercial photography that will give you some fresh perspective on the art of commercial photoshoots.¬†

    The Power of Ecommerce High-Quality Product Images

    When it comes to e-commerce shopping, high-quality images do matter the most. More than 60% of online shoppers believe that images are more necessary than product details or customer reviews. Buyers tend to make purchasing decisions based on the product’s visual representation. However, spending money on professional product photoshoots can significantly boost your online sales.¬†

    ecommerce photography in dubai

    The Impact of Mobile Photography

    It’s a digital world where most people prefer to use mobile devices for online shopping or personal use. Mobile photography has revolutionized e-commerce. Do you even know that more than 75% of mobile users have made online purchases using their smartphones? Now, you can clearly understand how much mobile photography matters for your online business. Mobile-friendly product photos are necessary to capture the potential consumer’s attention for a better shopping experience.¬†

    The Rise of 360-Degree Product Photography

    In recent years in Dubai, 360-degree product photoshoots have gained huge popularity. It permits customers to interactively view products from all angles. This technique offers a more mesmerizing shopping experience. Researchers have proven that implementing 360-degree product photos can maximize conversion rates by approximately 27%. By allowing users to explore products virtually, ecommerce businesses can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the chances of product returns. 

    The Influence of Lifestyle Photography

    Another hack for commercial photoshoots is lifestyle photography. In Dubai, many businesses are involved in capturing product photos in real-life situations. Helping customers imagine how they can incorporate the product into their daily lives. This hack helps to develop an emotional connection with the audience, which makes them more likely to engage and make a purchase. Listing lifestyle images on your online business website can amazingly boost the overall shopping experience. 

    The Role of Photography Retouching and Editing

    In the world of electronic commerce, photography, professional image editing, and retouching have become crucial tools. From removing imperfections to color correction, all these techniques assist in developing visually stunning product photos that fascinate buyers. Skilled photographers or editors can increase the appearance of product photos while maintaining their authenticity. Image retouching is considered an essential part or hack of the commercial photography process. 

    The Growing Demand for Video Content 

    The demand for video content is gaining huge popularity across all social media platforms. Videos permit businesses to present their products in action, offering more engaging content to an audience. Providing potential users with a dynamic experience and eye-catching content. Research has shown that video content on all eCommerce platforms can increase conversion rates by more than 80%. By incorporating video content into your online store strategy, you can grasp the power of visual storytelling to attract a wider audience and convert them into customers. 

    The Importance of Consistency 

    When it comes to eCommerce photos, consistency is key. Utilizing consistent lighting and background for your business’s product photos and style helps to build your brand identity. It also helps to establish solid trust with your targeted audience. However, when shoppers see professional and visually appealing product photos in your store, They are more likely to be attracted to and perceive your brand as professional and trustworthy.¬†

    The Emergence of User-Generated Content 

    Consumer-generated content (UGC), which includes product reviews, comments, videos, and images. These user-generated pieces of content have become worthy assets for online businesses. As it gives a solid social presentation to the audience and builds a trusting relationship with potential customers. Customers tend to believe in user-generated content more than any other form of advertising. Such content helps many businesses increase sales. 

    The Influence of Augmented Reality 

    Another amazing hack for eCommerce photography is augmented reality. By collaborating with AR technology, buyers can virtually visualize the product before making any purchase. The demand for AR is rapidly increasing in the UAE, which enhances customer engagement and also reduces the chances of product returns. This technique helps to increase a better understanding for customers about the product they are going to purchase.