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    Best Practises for Creating Social Media Video Strategy 2024

    The world of social media is constantly changing, and no one knows that better than the people who manage social media video strategy. With new platforms popping up all over the place, it’s hard to keep up with what’s social media marketing trends for 2024 and what will work best for your brand. However, some tried-and-true best practices have been keeping businesses ahead of the curve for years:

    Determine your Social Media Video Strategy Goals

    Now that you have a better understanding of what social media video strategy is and how it works, it’s time to figure out your goals for using the platform.

    • Do you want to increase brand awareness?
    • Do you want to increase traffic to your website?
    • Do you want to increase sales?
    • Do you want to increase customer loyalty and/or retention (i.e., keep existing customers longer)?

    Define your Audience and Target them Directly.

    • Define your audience.
    • Define your target market.
    • Define who you’re trying to reach and why, in terms of their demographics (age, gender), psychographics (such as interests, values, and lifestyle), and psychosocial environment (including where they live). Make sure that you understand who is watching and interacting with these videos—and what they like about them!

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    Use a Call to Action on your Videos

    Something that’s often overlooked, but a great way to increase the effectiveness of your video content is by using a call-to-action at the end of each video. A call-to-action can be something as simple as “Learn More” or “Download Now,” but it should be clear what you want viewers to do next after watching your video. For example: “Learn More About Social Media Video Strategy” or “Download Our Free eBook.”

    Invest in Promotional Campaigns for Your Videos

    • Invest in promotional campaigns for your videos.
    • Use paid promotion to test the waters and create a strategy, then use it to target specific demographics and refine your content.
    • Target engagement by creating promotions based on how people react to your video content—and don’t forget about boosting new videos too!

    Share Engaging Videos from other Influencers

    When it comes to creating a social media strategy, consider the following:

    • Share relevant content on a social platform. If you’re a food company and want to create a video on how to make your signature dish, share videos that are relevant to your audience. For example, if there is an influencer who has already done this in the past and it works well for him/her (and maybe even better than yours), then go ahead and use those clips as inspiration for yours!
    • Share industry leaders’ content. If some people within your industry consistently produce great work (or even good work), then reach out and ask them if they would mind sharing some of their work with others within the same field so that others can see what makes them so successful. It may seem obvious but sometimes not many people think about doing this kind of outreach until after something goes wrong; however once someone does approach these influencers about collaborating instead of competing against each other—the results will speak for themselves!
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    Creating Video Content for Social Media is a Long-Term Strategy that takes Time to Develop

    Creating video content for social media is a long-term strategy that takes time to develop. It’s not something you can just jump into, which is why it’s important to plan your strategy before jumping in. You will need the following:

    • A clear goal of what you want viewers to do after watching your video (e.g., sign up for an email list or purchase something)
    • A strategy for how you’ll reach this goal (e.g., via Facebook ads)


    We hope this post gave you some good ideas for how to create the best social media video strategy. We know it’s not easy, but if you want your brand or business to succeed on social media, we recommend putting in the work. If all else fails, remember that there are so many resources available. That is what our WowShoots, a firm that produces videos and does photoshoots, does. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals by offering expert photography and videography services.