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    How to Use Light for Architectural Photography

    Photography is a whole new world for photographers to capture and visualize beyond the limits of their minds. Architectural photography is indispensable to modern society. Light is an essential component for architectural photography, as it lightens up certain areas to provide a better image that attracts people.

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    Architectural photographers are primarily responsible for capturing the artistic pictures of buildings, interior design, industrial spaces, aerial photos, or constructions. Photographers must know the unique way of capturing the structure of the building to make it more mesmerizing in front of the people.

    architectural photography

    Ensure Lighting System

    Always ensure that you are taking photographs in the best lighting system. Natural lighting is something that will make your architectural images look astounding.

    Therefore, builders, architects, and interior designers need the best photographer to fulfill their clients’ requirements. Light is beneficial to make photography easier, but it also depends on how much light you want.

    architectural photography

    Lighting Approaches for Architecture Photography 

    Architectural photography is becoming a vast field day by day, and photographers are practicing new techniques to give an appealing image of a masterpiece that architects have made. The lighting technique is also an important feature when it comes to exterior and interior architecture photography.

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    Lighting Exterior Architecture Photography

    In Exterior architecture photography, photographers capture the outside structure of the building to create an aesthetic and high-definition image.

    Sunlight is crucial while capturing the architectural exterior. If you want to capture the exterior architectural structure of the building in daytime, night time or on rainy days, make sure you have used proper lighting photographic approaches. Sometimes, people have to wait to perfect the weather to take the best shot.

    As a photographer, make sure you are taking photos at golden hours to give the image a warm and soft light. Always observe the direction of the sun and the sky clarity while shooting because direct sunlight will result in deep and dark shadows.

    According to the real estate agencies, the customers are using the internet to find their new home. So, exterior architectural photography is also used for commercial benefits.

    Lighting Interior Architecture photography

    In interior architecture photography, photographers capture the inside structure of the building by using artificial lighting in the form of a flash setup.

    Architectural Photography lighting is a big article in and of itself. Studios, on-camera, and off-camera lighting, infrared, Neon, HMI, Fluorescent, and ambient lighting are all examples of illuminating techniques. Artificial flashing is the most frequent form of interior lighting since it is light controlled and integrates very well bright sunlight.

    architectural photography

    Therefore, many people consider natural light, which can be done with the help of a flashlight, and how they are using it is another step in architectural photography.

    If you want to take a photo of a sofa, bedroom, or TV, then make sure that the specific area is clean because the perfect and clean location will always attract clients.

    Some portable kits are also available in the market, which allows the photographer to take control of the studio-based flash setup, such as Profoto B2, Elinchrom ELB, Godox Witstro, and many more artificial flash setups.

    Last Words

    The golden hours are crucial for a photographer to capture photos because this time gives the best daylight to the photograph. Also, off-camera flash and other lighting equipment can help compensate for low natural lighting.

    Lighting plays a vital role in creating mesmerizing photos. Every image tells us the story of the object that has been captured. As an expert photographer, it is your responsibility to know which lighting and angle are appropriate to create good interior and exterior architectural images.

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