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    How Do Photographers Make Your Wedding Day Memorable?

    A few days after my sister’s wedding, my entire family and wedding guests were sitting up with their sons-in-law on, covering up our laps, lazily shelling peanuts with everyone’s eyes fixed on the OLED TV, binge-watching the unedited shots from my sister’s wedding. The next moment, I remember we were all rolling on the floor with fits of laughter, which left us on the verge of ulcerative colitis (bear with me, all you medicos). A shot had popped up where my aunt was devouring a huge chicken leg piece while my aunt was rocking my little, crying cousin in the back.

    The picture had its immediate effect on my aunty; she had turned crimson red while we yearned to catch our breaths. At that moment, I realised how photographers make our wedding day unforgettable; they capture a short-lived moment in a way to make your wedding day so special. If you want to go minimalist on your wedding day, at least be a minimalist with a photographer or for wedding photography. Here’s why:

    1 –Wedding photographers in Dubai, capture the sacredness of a moment where one is so full of their own emotions they forget to tune into the expressions and emotions of others. Through these captured moments, one can revisit the moments and emotions they missed.

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    2 – In my case, all those drone cameras act as the ultimate aunties and visit each cubbyhole to bring to us their secret activities (with their plate of biryani rice) and give us fits of laughter later.

    3 – If you happen to be the nerd of the family with your oversized retro glasses, you can discover all the people through all the pictures and videos.

    4: We were miles ahead of the generations that have passed before us in terms of lifestyle and traditions, but then suddenly our mother’s lehnga choli, enormous Jhumkas, and bright lip colours made a comeback at desi weddings. All thanks to the photographers’ reel cameras, we were able to rediscover and flaunt 1990’s fashion. Our succeeding generation should always be able to take throwbacks from our moments.

    5 – If life gives you a few lemons in your married life, you can quickly head to your TV set and rewind all those twirls and “Qabool hai’” and joyous tears to sugar up your lemonade and restore the intimacy together. It would always bring you back to a sense of closeness towards your partner.

    So, if you were thinking about wedding planning and skipping a professional photographer on your big day, think twice now. Some occasions are worth spending a few bucks on to make a memorable wedding.

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