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    7 Best Photograph Ideas for Event Photography

    During event photography, you don’t have many chances for any mistakes and mishaps. Defective gear, miscalculated time, or even a little distraction can ruin your chances to capture what could be your client’s most important moments of the event. 

    This is why photographers need to reach the event with all preparations and capture all important moments there. Being prepared with some event photo ideas beforehand is also helpful while showing your magic in an event. 

    Sometimes, many photographers find themselves in a difficult situation while thinking of creative ideas for photos, or they want to try some new ideas every time instead of the same old ones. WOW Shoots serve you with the most creative postures and the best photography experience.

    If you are looking for some photograph ideas and inspirations for upcoming events, you are at the right place. This article has selected 7 photographs that you can capture while covering an event to produce amazing results.

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    1. Capture Photos While You Walk

    This idea is best to click some random moments while you walk around the event. A casual walk around people will give you plenty of chances to capture some candid photographs of the participants. Clicking a few such pictures will help your event photography collection a natural look.

    event photography

    2. Try Macro Photography

    To try macro event photography or take some close-ups, you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive macro lenses and other equipment. You can try it with whatever your equipment is along with an extension tube. You can also invest in some inexpensive macro lenses. Whatever way you do it, you can get amazing close-ups anywhere at any time. It might take some time to learn the right techniques to capture a macro shot in an event photography.

    Event photography

    3. Look for the Shadows

    Event photography is a game of light. Some photographers do no prefer to take photographs in the middle of a sunny day as hard light might ruin their photos. But this is the time when you can play with and capture shadows. 

    If you are covering an event during daylight, you can get some best shots to add to the album. Challenge yourself to take pictures in sunny conditions when usually photographers don’t take risks. 

    You can use this idea to take photos at any other part of a day where you have enough light to see shadows. Try to look for a perfect contrast of shadow and light. Make the shadow your main focus and see the magic.

    Event photography

    4. Find Reflections

    Reflections are everywhere. Sometimes, photographers intentionally avoid including reflections in their photographs. But finding and capturing moments with reflections can add charm to photos for event photography. 

    Move around the event and watch for reflections. Your position while taking a picture in relation to what is being reflected affects the perception as you move. Take plenty of pictures with a slight change in direction and you can notice the difference later.

    Event photography

    5. Full Conference Shot

    With a full conference room shot, you can capture the spirit of the theme of the event in a single frame. The secret is taking a picture of the full room from the right angle. You have to take multiple photos to get the right picture. While taking a full room shot, make sure that the event is well-attended. This kind of photo becomes the essence of your event photography.

    Event photography

    6. Power in a NutShell With Company’s Backdrop

    If you are covering a corporate event, there should be a company’s backdrop. Businesses use these dropbacks to convey their vision to the attendees of the event. Another reason for using these backdrops is the brand’s promotion. 

    Whatever is the reason for using backdrops, as a photographer, you shouldn’t miss a chance to use them for various poses. Capturing a moment of the team standing in front of the company’s backdrop is a good addition to the corporate album.

    Event photography

    7. Candid Photos of Attendees Enjoying Refreshment

    Whatever the event is, refreshment is a main part. This is a perfect time to get some candid clicks of the attendees interacting with each other and enjoying the served refreshment. 

    You don’t need to ask people to pose for you or look into the camera. A perfectly seized candid moment is more powerful than any pose. 

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