Yagmur Sefa

  • Clients Worked With: Fashion Magazines, Fashion & Beauty Brands, Designers, 5-Star Hotels, TV Advertorials, Celebrities, Musicians
    • Yagmur has an extensive portfolio working with high-profile clients across various industries, including fashion magazines, beauty brands, designers, luxury hotels, TV advertorials, celebrities, and musicians.
  • Nationality: Turkish
    • Originating from Turkey, Yagmur brings a unique cultural perspective and a wealth of experience from the Turkish fashion and entertainment industry.
  • Notable Projects/High-Profile Clients: Yes
    • Yagmur has collaborated with some of the most renowned individuals, brands, and magazines in Turkey and is now expanding her expertise to the UK and Europe, working on international projects with celebrities.
  • Unique Selling Point: Having worked with the most famous people, brands, and magazines in my own country, I am now doing the same in the UK and Europe with international projects and celebrities.
    • Yagmur’s transition from national to international projects underscores her adaptability and broad appeal, making her a valuable asset in both local and global markets.
  • Online Portfolio/Examples of Work: View Portfolio
    • Yagmur’s online portfolio showcases her extensive work and accomplishments, reflecting her ability to deliver high-quality results across various prestigious clients and projects.

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