Kimia Bayat

Full Name: Kimia Bayat Date of Birth: 7/4/2024 17:19:17 Nationality: Iranian Location: United Arab Emirates

Farah West

Full Name: Farah West Date of Birth: 7/4/2024 12:32:29 Nationality: Indian Location: United Arab Emirates

Dhaarna Maker

Full Name: Dhaarna Maker Date of Birth: 7/3/2024 17:20:42 Nationality: Indian Location: Based in the

Ozuola Martins

Full Name: Ozuola Martins Date of Birth: 7/3/2024 12:37:17 Nationality: British Location: Available locally in

Paulina Stolarz

Full Name: Paulina Stolarz Date of Birth: 7/3/2024 11:22:04 Nationality: Polish Location: Available locally in

Maneesh K M

Candidate Profile Full Name: Maneesh K M Nationality: Indian Location: Available locally in UAE Available

Sarah Amarteifio

Sarah Amarteifio Clients Worked With: Sarah has extensive experience in luxury fashion, collaborating with super … Read More

Lynn Morez

Lynn Morez Clients Worked With: Lynn has experience in styling for movies, series, music videos, … Read More

Nasera Ansari

Nasera Ansari Clients Worked With: Nasera has experience working with fashion models, makeup artists, and … Read More

Saúl Gutierrez Gallardo

Saúl Gutierrez Gallardo Email Address: Contact Numbers: +34 635265943 Clients Worked With: Saúl has

Ayesha Mazher

Ayesha Mazher Clients Worked With: Harper’s Bazaar, McDonald's, Hardee’s, Subway, MBC TV, Abu Dhabi TV,

Maryam Taher

Maryam Taher Clients Worked With: Fashion clients in various sectors Nationality: Saudi Maryam brings a

Andrina Goussous

Andrina Goussous Clients Worked With: Al Jazeera Media, Ounass, Valentino, Hermes Nationality: Jordanian Andrina brings

Gokul Kaippully Sasidharan

Gokul Kaippully Sasidharan Clients Worked With: Celebrity Nationality: Indian Gokul brings a rich cultural perspective

Rebecca Tessler

Rebecca Tessler Clients Worked With: Rebecca has a comprehensive client list available on her website: