360˚ view of products is the latest trend in eCommerce. We offer 360 Degree Product Photography and live model action. If you are looking to photograph your clothes on a model with a 360 view of your garment, we can do it for you quickly and easily. Drop us an email for a quote.

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    Build brand visibility

    Generate more exposure for your products.

    In an ecommerce environment, where your products are side-by-side with your competitor’s, 360º images help you stand out.

    Create an experience - Provide customers an interactive experience.

    Your buyers interact and engage with your products by rotating them to view all angles and zooming into areas of interest.

    Increase Sales - Stand out from competitors and win sales.

    Companies using 360º product images experience higher sales and more satisfied customers due to their interactive nature.

    Reduce returns - Ensure customers buy the right product.

    With zoom, pan, and rotation, 360º images reduce product returns, saving money and increasing customer satisfaction.


    You do not have to use weird photos for your online business or your annual reports. Communication is vital when it comes to letting your photographer know about what you want and the kind of corporate image that you want to build for your business.
    You should share your corporate values with them. For instance, if a company has started using non-woven bags then a professional photographer could capture the best shots to show that your business has taken significant measures towards protecting the environment.
    Getting your message across to your customers is vital and photographs are the fastest communication channel in this day and age. Therefore, consider hiring Wow Shoots for product photography in Dubai.


    Wow Shoots is committed to using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to get the best results for our clients. Our team of editors have decades of experience in editing all sorts of videos for professional and marketing purpose. Thus, you can rely on us for making top quality 360 degree product photography your business.


    As product photos prepared by us are of top quality, you can get a wide variety of product photography packages. This is because product photos are viewed by potential customers daily. Hence, it ensures transparency in the photos posted by your online business. Information becomes fast and dependable for making new strategic decisions for your business.


    Our vast clientele is a testament to our top-notch services. For the convenience of our customers, we offer customized packages with product photography quotes. The quote consists of two types of payments. One payment is fixed while the other payment is flexible. The variable payment can be adjusted according to your workload and work category.


    Book an appointment with us right now! Visit us in person to check out the numerous product photography assignments done by our team. You might even get inspirational ideas about arranging your product display.

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